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Your bodywork session will consist of techniques to which your muscles are responding. Some of the techniques we use are: Reflexology, Polarity, Effleurage, Hot Stones, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage.


Reflexology is a practice that relieves muscle tension throughout your body by massaging your feet and hands.


Polarity is an energy field discipline that tunes up the electromagnetic forces that run through all of us.

Effleurage gives flow to your massage with long strokes that remind the body of its own connectivity.

Hot Stones warm your muscles, and soften them, and make great massage tools throughout your session.


Sports Massage enables athletes to continue their training in comfort. It does not seek changes in muscle tone but stretches, relaxes and improves comfort. We will probably use these techniques during your massage.


Deep Tissue Massage penetrates through into the deeper muscle tissues, relieving tensions that have become intrinsic to your body over time.


Swedish Massage uses a blend of techniques from various modalities. It's purpose is manifold: to soothe your body and mind, to increase circulation, to rid the body of toxins, and to stretch and relax your muscles and ligaments.


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