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My personal care products are made to order according to the needs of the client. I listen for your needs and then make an oil and explain it's use. Most are for topical use only. My blends can be used neat and are all organic and therapeutic grade.


Some are really great mixed with salt for a foot scrub at home, or with lotion for a boost to your skin care regimen and some are great for detoxifying, or clearing and opening respiratory passages.


I blend to order, because they have a shelf life, and because every client is different and has different needs.



roomHere's a sweet smelling menu of some of my all time favorite aromatherapy blends. I named them, generally, for their best known attributes. For instance, Temp-Arrest means that it will bring down a fever, when rubbed over the body. Tummy Luv is a digestive aid that will relieve any number of ills associated with the digestive tract, and so on.

Here is what's in them:


1. Temp-Arrest: Peppermint, Lavendar, Lemon

2. Tummy Luv: Ginger, Peppermint, Lavendar

3. Breathe Lite: Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lemon

4. Dream: Ylang-ylang, Spruce, Geranium-Rose, Orange

5. Clarity: Basil, Lemon, Peppermint


roomBreathe Lite helps to clear the respiratory tract, and will be a bit drying and cleansing, due to the Eucalyptus and the Lemon.


Dream will help open the third eye, inspire you and get you into a better sleep state, while Clarity is wakeful and will clear your thinking during the day.


A note of caution: A very few of my oils are meant to be taken internally. Please ask first. Tummy Luv is one that is meant to be drunk, a few drops at a time in a large glass of milk or water. It will also help kill the germs in a sore throat and prevent worsening of that condition.


Tree oils are NOT for swallowing, and as another rule of thumb, if you would cook w/ the spice or an herb, then you can use that oil in your food or drink as well, such as Basil, oregano, pepper, peppermint, thyme, lemon, lavendar, cinnamon, clove.........


I blend using pure and therapeutic grade oils, and can custom design them for cleaning your house, household items, your dog/kids, massaging onto specific pressure points to ease any given symptom or simply to ease mental tension during your massage.


Essential oils are painful to the eyes, (but few are damaging) if there is contact. If this happens please use a cotton swab soaked in vegetable oil to treat the effected eye. DO NOT USE WATER. Water will only activate the oil and make it more potent. Gently rub the cotton swab, from the inside corner to the outer corner of the closed eye, allowing the vege oil to trickle in from the swab. This will blur your vision for a few minutes, but it will cool the burning sensation, and the process can be repeated w/ another vege oil soaked swab if necessary.


Please feel free to ask about my oils.

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