the mirrored candle (psy readings etc.)

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mirrored candleA lot of people are fascinated by what lies beyond, and rightly so. In my daily practice, I have found that those who were wise or funny in life, continue to be so after having moved on to another plane of existance. They continue to send their loving energy to those that they have left behind and to interact with those who are lucky enough to be able to tap into what lies beyond the veil.


I have been one of those lucky ones since my late teens. I am always willing to share messages with you from your ancestors and other guides, and give my and or their take on your current situation. It is usually best to see me for at least one massage before we try to do a reading over the phone or by email.


Psychic guidance is a sort of phone line to the greater wisdom that is always around us. It doesn't limit choice, it empowers one to make a rather more informed or more confident choice.

When you come for a massage, please let me know if you would like to hear some intuitive tid-bits or if you just want a quiet massage.





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